Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Max Effort Lowerbody 25/04/2011

Yesterday saw a couple of new Personal bests for both myself and Ross Gribble.
Squats were taken up to some heavy singles.  My top set, and new Personal Best, was 250kg, (click the link to see video)

and Ross also hit a new Personal best at 260kg. (click link to see video)

Deadlifts were done using the trap bar, and both myself and ross, managed a fairly comfortable 256kg.
(click the links to see video footage)

A great start to a new week.

Friday, 22 April 2011

My first session with a bench shirt

Tried out my Titan Fury F6 bench shirt today. This is the first bench shirt I have used and so is going to take some getting used to. After warming up and Ross, Hedi,and Lewis helping me get into the shirt, I ramped up with a few singles up to 170kg. I knew this first session in the shirt would be a case of breaking it in and gradually over the course of the session I managed to get the bar down lower and lower. Finished on a 170kg 2 board press. And will return to using the shirt again next week. Shoulders and triceps are cut and bruised from the shirt but it's just one thing will have to get used to until shirt has loosened up a bit.

Happy lifting

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Upperbody training update

Today was upperbody max effort. Took the slingshot bench up to 160kg for 3 reps. Still getting stronger. Great week so far. Rest day tomorrow so plenty of SMR and mobility and stretching

Squat training update

Yesterday was glad to get back after a deload week of lifting light weights. Squatted and worked up in 3's up to 200kg Then did a set of 5 on 210kg and then 2 reps on 220kg. This was my previous one rep max from 3 weeks ago so glad to have already pushed past this. I can smell 250 on the horizon or maybe even 6 plates. Just being patient and biding my time and slowly but surely I'll get there

Friday, 1 April 2011

Training update

Pretty successful week. Monday was max effort upper body, finally nailed a new PB on the squat getting a comfortable 220kg. Deadlifted 220kg for 1 rep, and realised technique needs a little adjustment and so this will be a focus over next few weeks. Had been using mark Bell's slingshot band for the bench press max effort and on Tuesday pressed 165kg for one. Returning to regular pressing next week and hoping get a good carry over. Successfully completed 2 more dynamic Sessions with no problems and now am resting up for the weekend and preparing for Next week.