Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Powerlifting Classes Starting at Bridge Road Barbell


1st course start date - 8th April
2nd course start date - 13th May

BRB are starting a beginner's powerlifting class. Suitable for complete beginners and more experienced lifters looking to refine technique.  This will work as a 5 week course. Over the 5 weeks we will look at technique for the squat, bench and deadlift and appropriate training methods. 
The beginner's class will last 1 hour. It is advisable to arrive 15 mins earlier to warm up.

Once you have completed the 5 week course you will receive a certificate from Bridge Road Barbell to say you have completed the beginner's course and providing you feel confident to, you are free to join the Novice class which begins straight after the beginners class, also on a friday evening.  


The Novice course will be a step up, revisiting technique, but also looking at training methods and learning to build the lifts with additional movements. Both the beginners and the novice classes can be signed up for in 5 week blocks. 

The cost for a 5 week block £25. We have limited the number of the people per course to 10, so if you miss the start date on the 8th April, you will be able to start the Beginners course on the 13th May. 

To sign up you should message the BRB facebook page with your name, age and a little information about any training you may have done before. Payment can be made in advance via bank transfer or paypal (preferred). You will be sent payment details in response to contacting the gym via Facebook or texting 07788 268672 or Emailing info@bridgeroadbarbell.co.uk

Monday, 21 March 2016

Press Up Challenge

Here is a challenge for you to try this month.  I am doing this routine this month in addition to my other training. To add in some extra chest and tricep volume work into your routine, try this press up routine.

-  Test how many push ups you can do in a row.
-  Divide that number by two and on day 1, perform 5 sets of that number of press ups across the day.    You can do the sets split up across the day, or all together as a workout.  The next day you will do 5    sets again but add one rep to each set. The following day add another rep to each set and so on.    -- - You do this until you have doubled the number of press ups you originally started on.
- Take a rest day every 7 days.

For example

If you can do 40 press ups in a row, then....
Day 1 you would do 5 sets of 20 reps.
Day 2 - 5 x 21 reps
Day 3 - 5 x 22 reps
Day 4 - 5 x 23 reps
Day 5 - 5 x 24 reps
Day 6 - 5 x 25 reps
Day 7 - 5 x 26 reps
Day 8 - Rest day
Day 9- 5 x 27 reps
Day 10 - 5 x 28 reps
Day 11 - 5 x 29 reps
Day 12 - 5 x 30 reps
Day 14 - 5 x 31 reps
Day 15 - 5 x 32 reps
Day 16 - Rest day
Day 17 - 5 x 33 reps
Day 18 - 5 x 34 reps
Day 19 - 5 x 35 reps
Day 20 - 5 x 36 reps
Day 21 - 5 x 37 reps
Day 22 - 5 x 38 reps
Day 23  - Rest Day
Day 24 - 5 x 39 reps
Day 25 - 5 x 40 reps
Day 26 - Rest Day
Day 27 - Rest Day
Day 28 - Re-Test max press ups in one go.

Try it and let me know your results.