Thursday, 24 March 2011

Training Update

Haven't a posted any notes on training recently so thought would give an update.

Squat has shown good improvements with last week hitting 200kg for 5 reps, and this week 210kg for 3 reps.  Am hoping to finally crack the 220kg mark very soon which I have had as a target for the last 18 months.
Deadlift, I have decided to have a play around with using a Sumo stance and so this week only took it to 200 for  2 reps just to try and get the hang of it.  Still needs some work, but feel stronger in that stance so will continue and see how it improves in upcoming weeks.
On the bench press, I used a slingshot band this week for the first time and got a very comfortable 4 reps on 140kg, but will look to improve on this next week.  I am using the slingshot band for a 3-4 week cycle, to accustom myself to heavier weights and push past my 140kg plateau, but following this will return to regular bench press.
I have upped my conditioning work as well, including much more sled work, and a lot of kettlebell squats and swing variations.

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