Thursday, 24 March 2011

4 Prowler /. Dragging Sled Variations

In light of the recent EliteFTS article listing some prowler suicide variations I thought I would post a few of my own sled drills up here.  For all those who don't have a prowler sled at your gym or a dragging sled, get to somewhere that does and give these a go.
With help from some of the guys, have given these drills nicknames.
Here we go.

  1. "The Gribbler"
        • For this you will need 7 x 20kg plates (weights can of course be adjusted to suit the individual), 1 x prowler sled, 1 dragging sled, 2 black heavy bands, 1 x 1m sling
        • You will also need a 50m straight section of tarmac or concrete to use as the full course is 50m long.
        • Load up the dragging sled with 5 of the 20kg plates, attach the sling and the heavy black bands to form a harness.
        • Load the prowler with 2 x 20kg plates
        • Push the prowler sled 25m, whilst dragging the other sled (using the band harness).
        • Without stopping, push the prowler aside and keep running another 25m still draggin the sled until you reach the end of the course.
        • Rest for 30 secs (in this time someone needs to have turned the prowler around facing the start)
        • Sprint with the dragging sled for 25m and as you approach the prowler hit it and drive it 25 m, all the way to the end.
  2. "The Bear Trap"
        • The first half of this drill is exactly the same, but while you are resting for 30 seconds at the far end, a sandbag (we use a 70kg one) is loaded onto the prowler sled.  Then on the return journey, when you pass the 25m mark, you leave the dragging sled behind and drive the sled (+sandbag) a further 25m back to the start.
  3. "Fully loaded"
        • For this drill you need a prowler sled loaded with 2 x 20kg plates, One 45kg keg and one 45kg sandbag. (Once again of course weights can vary depending upon the individual)
        • This drill requires a 25m strip of tarmac or concrete.
        • You set up with the prowler sled at one end, and the keg and sandbag at the other.
        • You push the prowler 25m to the end, and load on the keg, and push back to the start.
        • You then push the prowler (+the keg) back to the far end, load on the sandbag as well and push back to the start.
  4. "The Slayer"
        • For this you will need a prowler loaded with 2 x 20kg plates, and a set of cones, and a 50m strip of tarmac or concrete to lay out the course.
        • This is a series of shuttle runs.
        • You set a cone for the start, then 1 cone at 5m, 1 cone a further 5m, 1 cone a further 15m, and one cone a further 25m, totalling the 50m course.
        • This is a timed event.
        • Push the prowler (from the upright poles) 5m then leave the prowler where it is and sprint back and touch the start line.
        • Sprint out to the prowler and drive it another 5m to the next cone, then again leave the sled and sprint back to the start.
        • Sprint out to the sled again and this time push it 15m to the half way mark, once again leaving the sled there and sprinting back to the start and back.
        • Push the sled to the far end of the course (the final 25m).
        • Then using the low pegs, push the prowler 50m all the way back to the start.



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