Friday, 17 January 2014

Alternative ways of progressing other than increasing weight and reps

There are more ways of progressing than simply increasing the weight or the number of reps...

Try an appropriate selection of these methods to see better progress...

  1. Rest less between sets
  2. Use greater range of motion
  3. Introduce short pauses at or near sticking points
  4. Use better technique (knee tracking, neutral spine, increase depth on exercise like squat)
  5. Use less ‘psyche up’ on heavy lifts
  6. Use less supportive gear (belts, wraps, suits etc)
  7. Train alone or with no music
  8. Use fewer warm up sets than normal (take bigger weight jumps)
  9. Perform more reps during warm up sets. Pre-exhaustion.
  10. Perform the exercise further down the workout order.

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